Alejandra Ochoa | Personal Injury Attorney | Long Beach, California

Alejandra Ochoa

As a case manager in the pre-litigation at Hinman and Peck, I am one of your main contacts while your case is being investigated and prior to filing a lawsuit. It is very important when you call about your case is that you know you are a priority and any concerns that you have are addressed fully and promptly. I am also responsible for routinely reviewing our pre-litigation cases to ensure they are moving forward and helping to accomplish the many tasks that are critical to our success in your case.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and went to Cal-State University – LA where I received my BA in psychology.

When I am not in the office, I enjoy going camping, hiking and spending quality time with my family. Coming from a big family, I am so happy to work in an environment where I have grown to consider my co-workers my friends and family. I believe that our firm is unique because we are not just a law firm, we are a family that continues to grow and work together every day to make our clients feel cared for and know that they have someone who is speaking out for them when no one else will.

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