Employment Law Attorney

Serving Long Beach, CA & the Surrounding Areas

Employment Law Attorney

Serving Long Beach, CA & the Surrounding Areas

Protecting The Rights Of Employees Throughout Southern California.

Every day, hardworking employees across Southern California become victims of workplace harassment, discrimination, or improper demotion, or wrongful termination. People are often surprised to learn that their employers, even very large corporations, can so blatantly violate their employees’ rights.  The law provides California employees with numerous protections, many of which our clients didn’t even know existed before our free attorney consultation.

The law firm of Hinman Law Group represents all types of employees, from hourly workers to senior executives.  Our experience in complex litigation means we leave no stone unturned in developing our cases.

We also get contacted by clients who want to hold their employers accountable, but not drag out the proceedings into the public eye.  We understand our clients’ need for discretion and, when necessary, we can handle your case privately, confidentially, and out of the public eye.

We handle all types of employment law cases:

  • Discrimination
    • California law guarantees employees the right to work free from discrimination based on age, race, sex, national origin, pregnancy, disability and other protected classifications. Discrimination can take the form of opportunities withheld from certain groups, unfair hiring or promotion practices, or wrongful termination.  Often times, companies try to mask their true intent or a broad pattern of discrimination by giving false or inflated reasons for treating certain employees differently.
  • Sexual Harassment
    • Has a coworker or supervisor made unwelcome sexual advances toward you? You do not have to tolerate that type of behavior. California and Federal laws provide remedies to stop this behavior and hold the harassers responsible.  Sexual harassment can be an embarrassing ordeal for out clients and, in many occasions, they are afraid to tell their spouses or loved ones about it.  At Hinman Law Group, we help empower our clients and help them restore their dignity and their careers.
    • Sexual harassment includes unwanted comments of a sexual nature, sexual innuendos, lewd or sexist remarks, requests for sexual favors in exchange for promotion, and making sexual jokes. This behavior creates an unpleasant and oppressive employment atmosphere and perpetuates the impression that gender relegates you to a lower status and position.
    • The harasser can be female or male. Sexual harassment can also occur between coworkers of the same sex.  The harasser can be your supervisor, an agent of the employer, a supervisor in a different department, a co-worker, or even a non-employee (client or customer) that you are required to interact with.
    • If you are subjected to any of this type of unwelcome behavior, and it unreasonably interferes with your work performance or creates a hostile or offensive work environment, then you may be a victim of sexual harassment. Call the attorneys at Hinman Law Group to set up a free consultation.  We’ll let you know if you have a case right over the phone.
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Age discrimination (EEOC Claims)
  • Overtime/Wage Disputes
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Disputes
  • Government Fraud Cases
  • Independent Contractors
  • Whistleblower Claims
  • Discriminatory Harassment

Don’t Delay: You May Lose Your Rights.

In order to prevent employers from covering their tracks, we recommend that people who think they may be the victim of discrimination to contact an attorney immediately. In some cases, the statute of limitations may be very short, depending on the nature of the case and whether the employer is a governmental entity.  There is no reason to delay your decision to contact an attorney and get your free consultation.

Contingency Fees — You Do Not Pay Unless We Recover Compensation For You

We know that deciding to consider legal action and assert your rights through the legal system can be stressful, so we do everything we can to minimize the anxiety and emotional strain that you may experience. We take our cases on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay for the costs or attorneys fees for your lawsuit unless we win or settle your case on your terms.  We do everything we can to prevent any additional financial strain during this difficult time in your life.


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