Vincent Manso

My name is Vincent Manso and I’m a personal injury specialist in the pre-litigation department. With about thirty years of experience in the personal injury field, I have experience in nearly every issue that can occur in working on personal injury cases. Having this deep level of experience and knowledge allows me to provide an excellent level of service to all of our clients on a variety of topics and issues.

My time in representing injury victims has taught me that personal attention to each of our clients and the inclusion of them in the process of their case is most important.

I understand that for many of our clients, this is the first time they have had to hire an attorney, they are hurt, and the process can be intimidating. I do everything I can to put our clients at ease and lessen the burden of what can be a very trying time.

I really enjoy working for a trial firm like Hinman Law Group where we not only have the systems to ensure effective investigation and progress of our client’s cases but also the ability to litigate at a very high level when necessary. I know from experience that this allows us to maximize the results for all of our clients.

I graduated from Western State College of Law. I’m also fluent in English and Spanish.


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